Sunday, June 28, 2015

Draft minutes of the June 24th Trustees' Meeting

June 24, 2015

Trustees of the Chazy Public Library
Roll Call and Introductions:  The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by George Brendler (President). Present were Trustees: George Brendler, Debby Powers,  Jill Beeman,  and  Kristen McAuliffe .  Also, attending were Frances Fairchild (Director),  Rae McAuliffe (FOL) and guest Terry Tregan.

 Public Forum
 Friends of the Library report:  Rae presented Debby with a check for $1500 to go
 towards the computers that were purchased. The Friends will be presenting a $500
 scholarship to Paige Barcomb at graduation June 26. Work on the town wide yard sale
 scheduled for July 25 is ongoing. The friends were asked if they would like to help with
 the purchase of a new dorm size refrigerator for upstairs in the library. Rae said they would be happy to help with the purchase, if a used one cannot be found to be donated.
Review of minutes for May 20, 2015:
Motion made by Debby to accept the minutes with additions discussed, seconded by      George, motion passed.

Treasurer's Report:
Checking acct balance as of May 31, 2015 is $67769.20
Motion made to accept Treasurer's report by Jill, seconded by George, motion passed.
$300 of audio books were ordered using the Kern’s donation.
Debby has completed the Tax Cap report online that is due in July.
Research is being done on the Government Efficiency Plan that  may need to be filed
next year.

Director' Report:
Activities ongoing. New to the schedule, Summer Reading Camp July14-16.
Small (dorm size) refrigerator used upstairs is not working, looking for a donation
or help from the FOL to purchase new one.

George has signed annual automation contract with CEFLS.
There was a request for Community Service from the Probation Dept
 But the individual has not contacted the library yet.

Committee Reports
Collections - Ongoing.

Policies - George will be updating Disaster Plan contact list.

We will review policy for Community Service and add a paragraph for
school mandated tutoring that is done on library property.

Public Relations/Programs -    
Kevin Sabourin, Wednesday June 10, 6 pm. (12 attendees)
Stan Ransom, Saturday, June 13- (4 attendees)
Speedy Arnold, June 29 , 6:30.  ($125)
Nan Hoffman,  July 15, 6:30. ($250 from Stewart's grant)
Larry Ebere, July 23, 6:30. Weather permitting. Free
Town wide garage sale, July 25.
Bob Clark, book signing. Aug 1.
Sweet Adelines, Aug 6, 6pm. Rain date Aug 7. ($200)

Property Maintenance
Shrubs and trees are doing well between retaining rocks.
Water pressure valve cleaned by Rene’s Repair at a cost of $75. It is thought the
cleaning of the hydrants caused the issue. The Town Supervisor said if it happens
next year the Town will take care of it. Mulch has been spread, we are waiting for
Girl Scouts to plant flowers.

Old Business: 
We have a possible candidate for filling Tammy Braun’s position on the board.
Oath of office form and meeting dates were updated in Trustee’s handbooks.

New Business:
Trustees will organize the annual book sale and hold it on July 25 in conjunction
with the town wide garage sale.
The Long range plan and year at a glance have been updated.
Kristen brought up an idea to have a “Blind date with a book” activity. She will do
more research on this.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.
Next meeting,July 22 at 5:30 .

Respectfully submitted,
Jill Beeman