Tuesday, July 29, 2014


June 26, 2014

Trustees of the Chazy Public Library
Roll Call and Introductions:  The meeting was called to order at 5:31 by George Brendler (President). Present were Trustees: George Brendler, Debby Powers, Jim Meehan, Tammy Braun, Jill Beeman and Kristen McAuliffe.  Also, attending were Frances Fairchild (Director) , Rae McAuliffe (FOL) and Eva Jankowska (CEF)

 Public Forum
Ewa Jankowska from CEF Library System went over the CEF Direct Access Plan. Ewa explained that with the elimination of the  Bookmobile many towns do not have access to a library. With a library card from CEF they have access to all libraries in the system.  Ewa also brought to our attention that we have an inadequate level of income to support our services as stated in the Access plan. The recommended level is $20/capita  She encouraged us to do trustee training.
Kristen McAuliffe made a motion to approve the Direct Access Plan, seconded by Debby Powers. Motion passed.

Friends of Library report: A $500 scholarship was given to Courtney Gilmore a Chazy Senior who will be attending Plattsburgh State in the Fall.  Planning is continuing for
the Chazy wide yard sale for July 26 , and they are hoping to host a book sale in the

Review of minutes for May 21, 2014:
Debby Powers moved to accept minutes, seconded by Jill Beeman.

Treasurer's Report:
Checking acct balance as of May 31, 2014 is $ 60805.03
Motion to accept Treasurer's report by Jim Meehan, seconded by Jill Beeman.

Director' Report:
More subs are needed. George and Kristen will be interviewing a new applicant
July 1.  Jill and Tammy have volunteered to  learn the Horizon system also. They
will set up a time with Karen.

Letterhead needs to be updated to include new trustees and new offices being held.
Debby will work on this. We need to order new Thank you cards.
Jill will send Thank yous to Frank Langr and  Lori Kashorek for the concert
on June 18th, and to Raegan West for her Girl Scout troop planting flowers at the
library in June.

Old Business:
Programs - Programs and activities were discussed. The garden shed dedication was well attended.  AARCH program is looking for a date in early October.  Changes to the July activity schedule were given to Karen Pepper,  updates to the calendar of events  were being made and posted.  $4 was made from  the "Books are Fun" program. Francie hopes to do it again with better publicity.

Policy - All trustees received a new Disaster Plan that was approved at the last meeting
for their handbooks.

Jill, Debby and Francie met with Betsy Brooks (CEF) to set up new Kindles that
were purchased with money donated by the Chazy Lions Club. Jill will write up directions for downloading EBooks to the Kindles. Debby is looking into purchasing
stylus for the Kindles. George is working on a Kindle policy.

Public Relations - George & Kristen are working on the report to the community.
We are tabling the question of changing the library hours for a future discussion.
We are looking for people to do book reviews on Facebook/Website.

Property Maintenance - It was determined that the flood door previously discussed
will not work.  The berm was discussed for controlling the water from the river
gets high. Kristen made a motion, 2nd by Jim Meehan that we pursue building the
berm with a cap of $2000 for the expense.  A computer inventory is  being established
with the computers being numbered. A disaster kit has been put in the cloak room. we still need to purchase a small radio for the kit. The insurance policy has been reviewed,
we have adequate liability insurance but do no have flood insurance.

New Business:
Richard West gave George some artifacts that were found on the current library
property years ago when work was being done. It was suggested that maybe a Chazy senior could do some kind of display case for the artifacts as their "Senior project".
This will be pursued in the Fall when school is back in session.

Debby showed the board different options for the weathervane being purchased
in memory of Laverne Dutcher.

George encouraged all trustees to review their handbooks along with the CEF and Directors  handbooks.

George made a motion, 2nd by Debby,  to appoint Tammy Braun as trustee to replace Jim Meehan who is resigning his position because of work commitments. Tammy signed
her Oath of Office.

Meeting went into executive session at 7:30pm.
Executive session adjourned at 8:30
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30
Next meeting July 24,2014

Respectfully submitted,

Jill Beeman