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May 21, 2014
Trustees of the Chazy Public Library
Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 5:31 p.m. by George Brendler (President). Present were Trustees:  Debby Powers, Kristin McAuliffe, George Brendler, Jill Beeman, Jim Meehan and Tina Trombly.  Jill Beeman was welcomed as the newly elected Board member to replace Tina Trombly, who has completed her term a service. Also present was Director Francie Fairchild, and  Friends of the Library (FOL) president,  Rae McAuliffe and visitors Christine Pilon, Mr. and Mrs. Pilon and Katherine Brown (CCSR [Chazy Central Rural School] Faculty and Senior class advisor).

Public Forum.

Christine Pilon presented to the board her CCRS senior project, a steel stick welded outdoor bench and gave a verbal and pictorial presentation to the board. The Board recognized the significant effort that Christine committed to the project with tutelage from Alex Misiaszek and support from her parents.

Ms. Brown and the board discussed the other senior CCRS projects by Matthew Moore (fund raising), Andrew Eseltine (drop box restoration) and Meranda LaBelle (cook book). The Board and Ms. Brown noted the benefit to the Chazy Public Library and to the students that these projects bring.  The Board and Director are grateful to Ms. Brown and the students’ interest in our library and for their projects

As regards the FOL (Friends of the Library): Rae McAuliffe noted that May 22, 2014 is their annual FOL members dinner had a change in venue and that the dinner this year is also for recognition of the help that Jeff and Mary Higgins have given the library.  The Board appreciates the Higgins’ support and is pleased that FOL is recognizing the Higgins’ support.  The Martha Gallagher concert was discussed and the FOL intends to participate in the Town Wide Yard Sale and continue with the Book Sale.

George Brendler presented a gift of recognition and appreciation on behalf of the board to Tina Trombly for her 10 years of service to the Library and community as a Board member.

Review of minutes of April 23, 2014:
George Brendler moved to accept the minutes, second Debbie Power. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Reports April, 2014:
Checking acct. balance Mar. 2014 was - $65,740.99; April 30, 2014 was - $62,280.36. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented by Kristin McAuliffe. Second by George Brendler. Motion passed.

Director's Report:
The board discussed and approved the use of the library for use of the facility by Linda Garrand for adult yoga session.  The library will receive reimbursement from Linda for use of the facilities.  Motion to allow the session was made by George Brendler, second by Jill Beeman.  Motion passed.

The opportunity for children’s yoga session will be pursued with Kindred Spirits.  Action: Kristin McAuliffe

The necessary insurance documents from the vendors will need to be secured. Action ?

The Kindle books obtained with a donation from the Chazy Lions’ club were noted. The Director will become knowledgeable in Kindle books operation and Jill Beeman volunteered to also assist with the matter. Betsy Brooks will be contracted as regards current policies of the Clinton Essex Franklin Library system towards lending of Kindle books.  A policy need to be established and details on execution is needed. Action:  Debby Powers George Brendler

Program Committee consisting of the Director, Kristin and George was affirmed.


A thank you note was sent to the Andrew West family acknowledging the donation to cover the cost of Bronze plaque for the Garden Shed. Lion’s club and Lori Dutcher notes pending. Action – Kristin McAuliffe.

Unfinished business

George Brendler will contact the State Comptroller’s Office as regards the applicability of the State Tax cap to the Library Budget request.

A written resolution to override the Tax cap Limit, as voted on at the April 23 Library Board meeting was distributed.  It will be filed with the minutes.

As regards the adopted disaster plan George Brendler may organize a meeting the parties identified as contacts.

New computer purchases are in progress.

New business

This year’s budget was passed by the community and Jill Beeman elected for the position on the Library Board with strong support.

The institutions currently used for the library banking and insurance needs were reviewed and approved for the coming year.

Conflict of Interest agreements were distributed and signed by board members.

The Secretary presented and the board approved the slate of officers for 2014 – 2015:  George Brendler - President, Kristin McAuliffe - Vice-President, Debbie Powers - Treasurer, Jill Beeman - Secretary.

Kay Kern and Diane Sabourin have agreed to serve on the library Publicity Committee.


Committee Reports
Collection Development – Emily Castine continues in these efforts and noted that she focuses on finding titles that are unique. 

Policy – All Handbooks were updated by George Brendler and distributed with the new policies approved last meeting.

A draft Disaster Plan was distributed by George Brendler.  Motion to accept the plan generated by George Brendler was made by Debbie Powers, second by Jim Meehan, passed by the board.

An overview of the revised book is intended at the June meeting.

Public Relations – Kristin McAuliffe reported that the CCRS school year is winding down and next year the invitation will be extended again to students who are interested in liaison position with the Chazy Public Library.

CCRS Summer Reading List has not yet been obtained.  Action: Francie Fairchild.

Report to the Community, pending. Action: George Brendler

Library Facebook site efforts are on-going.

The board discussed efforts to increase attendance at public events, possibly choosing a set time for all events, better more extensive written public notices (calendars) in areas where summer visitors to the Chazy area will notice such as lake area and campgrounds.

The board requested the Director to routinely submit information as to our library’s activities to Clinton Essex Franklin Library system for use in their monthly newsletter:  Action: Francie Fairchild

Kristin McAuliffe noted that the Library should seek to improve access to the After School Program at CCRS.
            The Director has not yet determined a date for Catherine Clark to present her artistic works.

            Frank Langr will have the CCRS jazz musical group present this June 18, 2013 at 6:30 pm. The garden shed will be dedicated in conjunction with this event.

            “Despair in the Wilderness after The American Revolution” presentation will be July 19, 2014 at 2:00

            Glen Pearsall book signing date is July 15, 2014.

Sweet Adelines performance is July 16, 2014 at 6:30 pm.

Punka Hontus event will be Aug 20, 2014.
“RSVP Band” concert is pending.

Program offered by Joann Trombly will continue.

Girl Scouts will be contacted to determine if they would like to plant flowers on the grounds

Legal Affairs – see Unfinished and New business (above).

            Discussion to prevent water damage during periods of elevated river levels continued.  George Brendler will continue to pursue options.

            Water pump for use of river water to water planting is in available

Fund Raising – No report

Family programs – Story Time continues to go well

            Summer Reading program and Reading camp were discussed. Kristin             McAuliffe suggested incorporating yoga for children sessions that may be offered by Kindred Spirits into the Summer Reading program. The board agreed that would be a positive action

May draft minutes motions were reviewed.

Meeting adjourned, the time was not noted.
Next meeting June 26, 2014 05:30. Chazy Public Library Community Room

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Meehan