Thursday, May 22, 2014



April, 23 2014
Trustees of the Chazy Public Library
Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 5:31p.m. by Tina Trombly (President). Present were Trustees: Debby Powers, Kristin McAuliffe, George Brendler and Jim Meehan. Also present was Director Francie Fairchild, and Friends of the Library (FOL) president, Rae McAuliffe and visitors Jill Beeman and Tammy Braun as possible future board members.
Public Forum.

As regards the Friends of the Library: Rae McAuliffe noted that May 22, 2014 is their annual FOL members dinner.

Review of minutes of Feb 26, 2014:
George Brendler moved to accept the minutes, second by Jim Meehan. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Reports Fe. 2014:
Checking acct. balance Feb. 28, 2014 was - $67,711.11; Mar. 31, 2014 was - $65740.99. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented by Jim Meehan. Second by Kristin McAuliffe. Motion passed.
Director's Report :
Sailboat weather vane will be purchased with the funds provided by the Dutcher family in memory of LaVerne Dutcher.

Various events and workshops were discussed as per report.


A thank you note will be sent to the Andrew West family acknowledging the donation to cover the cost of Bronze plaque for the Garden Shed. Action – Kristin McAuliffe.

Unfinished business

Orders for new computers have been delivered to Betsy Brooks

$500.00 donation from this Chazy Lion’s club will be used to purchase Kindles for patrons’ use.

New business

Jill Beeman’s petition for the position on the Library Board is in place.

Committee Reports
Collection Development – on-going.

Policy – Several policies for the Library were accepted for incorporation into Trustees’ Handbook as follows: Job Description of Librarian/Director – George Brendler motion to accept Deb Powers second, approved; Director Activities Booklet - George Brendler motion to accept Jim Meehan second, approved; Director’s Evaluation Checklist- George Brendler motion to accept Kristin McAuliffe second, approved; Director’s Activity Booklet - George Brendler motion to accept Jim Meehan second, approved; Computer and Internet Use Policy - George Brendler motion to accept Deb Powers second, approved; Library Long Range Plan Kristin McAuliffe motion to accept, Jim Meehan second, approved. George Brendler is reviewing and updating the Disaster Policy based on materials from a Disaster Plan workshop sponsored by Clinton Essex Franklin Library system.

Public Relations – Kristin will receive names before the next meeting from the Steve Patnode of CCRS of students who are interested in liaison position with the Chazy Public Library.
Report to the Community will be prepared after the May organizational board meeting.
Modification to the Library Facebook site are on-going. Consideration is being given to creating a format for children and adult book reviews for posting on Facebook and possibly incorporate these reviews into the Summer Reading Program.

A Family program workshop attended by Kristin and Francie was discussed and they found it very helpful.
Easter Egg Hunt went well.
AARCH will be contacted for establishing a day for their program
Dave Ruch will present “Songs of the Erie Canal” on April 30 at 7:30 pm.
The Director will determine a date for Kathleen Clark to present her artistic works in the library community room and she will display 1 item in the library proper.
Martha Gallagher concert April 27, 2014 at 2:00 pm.
Frank Langr will have the CCRS musical group present this spring.
“Despair in the Wilderness after The American Revolution “ presentation will be July 19, 2014 at 2:00 pm.
Glen Pearsall book signing date is July 19, 2014.
Sweet Adelines performance is July 16, 2014 at 6:30 pm.
The garden shed will be dedicated in conjunction with one of the library events noted above.
RSVP Band” concert is pending.

Legal Affairs – The board discussed a resolution to override the tax cap limit as regards the new budget. George Brendler presented the motion to approve the resolution, Deb Powers seconded the motion. Tina Trombly Debby Powers, Kristin McAuliffe, George Brendler were in favor and Jim Meehan was opposed. Resolution passed

Garden– Program offered by Joann Trombly in April went well. More sessions will be offered

Chess table has been repaired by Woodworks.
A garden bench being made by CCRS student Christine Pilon will be placed by the garden shed .
Discussion ensued regarding construction of a earthen berm along the north side of the library to guard against water damage during periods of elevated river levels. George Brendler will pursue the matter with contractors and any regulatory permitting considerations. Also a flood panel for the rear basement door is under consideration.

Fund Raising – No report

Family programs – Story Time continues to go well
Summer Reading program, refer to Director’s report. Funding of $500.00 was received from Stewart's and will $200.00 from CEFLA to assist his program.

The board agreed that the meetings starting in June will be the last Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm

Board held an executive session. Jim Meehan made the motion, second by Deb Powers, approved

April draft minutes motions were reviewed.

Meeting adjourned at 07:52 pm
Next meeting May 21, 2014 05:30. Chazy Public Library Board Room

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Meehan