Sunday, April 6, 2014



March 26, 2014
Trustees of the Chazy Public Library
Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 5:31p.m. by Tina Trombly (President). Present were Trustees: Debby Powers, Kristin McAuliffe, George Brendler and Jim Meehan. Also present was Director Francie Fairchild, and Friends of the Library (FOL) president, Rae McAuliffe.
Public Forum.

As regards the Friends of the Library: Rae McAuliffe reviewed the FOL meeting. The FOL approved the funding of library events, recognized Jeff and Mary Higgins for the generous help to the Chazy Public Library. May 22, 2014 is their annual FOL membership dinner. The FOL will sponsor an Alice in Wonderland Tea for activities directed towards children.

Review of minutes of Feb 26, 2014:
George Brendler moved to accept the minutes, second by Deb Powers. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Reports Fe. 2014:
Checking acct. balance Jan 31, 2014 was - $69,347.45; Feb. 28, 2014 was - $67,711.11. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented by Jim Meehan. Second by George Brendler. Motion passed.
Director's Report :
Observational Drawing workshop report submitted to fulfill grant requirement.

Various events and workshops were discussed as per report.

Board decided not to participate in the USDA nutritional program.


Adirondack Architectural Heritage Organization programs were discussed and will likely be pursued with Steve Engelhart for future library activities.
In response to an offer from Lori Dutcher to make a donation in memory of her mother, Laverne, the board plans to purchase a weathervane. President Tina Trombly will communicate our appreciation and suggestion to Lori.
Family Creative Workshop will be attended by Francie Fairchild and Kristin McAuliffe, April 14, 2014.
A request for addition of links to on-line colleges was approved. Matt Smith will be contacted. Action- George Brendler

The library will host a Webinar Musical show.

Unfinished business

Director's Job Description and Director Activities Booklet which had been previously distributed were discussed. The Director had not reviewed the material for allowing adequate comment. Action was tabled. Noted in Policy Committee report below but will not be placed in the Trustee Handbook yet.

Mr. Frank Langr has confirmed that the CCRS music department will perform this spring. Date to be announced.

Martha Gallagher, Sweet Adelines and RSVP band concert are confirmed.

Decision was made to offer the library space downstairs for a display if desired by Catherine Clark.

Incident reports were discussed to emphasize the need to insure that library staff and board receive correct information expeditiously.

As regards computer resources. The board decided to purchase 2 new computers. 1 for adults, 1 for children. Funds for the children’s computer will come from the Chazy/West Chazy Development Association, which are intended for young patrons. John Brendler will review the specification of the equipment. Motion to approve the funds for purchase: George Brendler, Jim Meehan second. Motion was approved.

Money from this Chazy/West Chazy Development Association source will also be used for the Doll House

Bronze plaque for the Garden Shed was viewed. Andrew West family donation to cover the cost was recognized.

New business

Report The Community will be prepared by Tina Trombly for distribution.

The Library budget is submitted.

Individuals with interest in serving on the Library board of trustees will be identified by current board members and initiation of the petition process must be put in place

The board will contact CCRS regarding the possibility of identifying any students that would be interested in participating in the Public Library Board meetings. The effort would present opportunity to the motivated students and increase visibility of the library to younger potential patrons. Action- Kristin McAuliffe

A review of the Long Range Plan will be presented at May meeting. Action – Tina Trombly

Committee Reports
Collection Development – on-going. Censorship and Collection Development Policy Update accepted. Deb Powers offered the motion to accept, Jim Meehan second. Motion approved

Kristin McAuliffe suggested that we place a occasional book review by patrons on the Library Facebook page in addition to new book posting.

Policy – Several portions of the Trustees’ Handbook were distributed by George Brendler. Trustees’ Handbook: Job Description of Librarian/Director, Director Activities Booklet (drafts pending approval,see above). Approved: Table of Contents, Library Staff Contact List, Censorship, Material Selection/Collection Development, Hiring Policy, Public Space Use (draft) Salary/Benefit Time Policy (revised) Friends of the library Mission Statement and By-laws and additional Key control tracking sheets.
Public Relations – The board agreed to purchase a display calendar to help inform the public of events. Also the CCRS will be contacted by Deb Powers to inquire about using the CCRS electric display sign in the school yard to advertise Chazy Public Library events. Kristin McAuliffe agreed to be the library programs chair as she has had such good success children’s program.
Legal Affairs – No report
Garden Committee – No report
Maintenance- Woodworks is repairing the chess table and chairs.
Fund Raising – No report
Family programs – Take a Bite Out of Book program will be pursued

March draft minutes motions were reviewed.

Meeting adjourned at 07:00 pm
Next meeting April 23, 2014 05:30. Chazy Public Library Board Room

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Meehan