Sunday, February 9, 2014



January 22, 2014
Trustees of the Chazy Public Library
Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 5:35p.m. by VP George Brendler. Present were Trustees: Debby Powers, Kristin McAuliffe and Jim Meehan. Tina Trombly, president, was delayed arriving later. Also present was Friends of the Library (FOL) president, Rae McAuliffe.
Public Forum.

As regards the Friends of the Library: Rae McAuliffe reviewed the FOL Christmas Tea. CCRS elementary students helped decorate the Community Room, a way of enhancing community involvement. The FOL have some issues that will be addressed internally as to food preparation and consideration of other community activities, which occur at the same time as the Tea. The board was very appreciative of the FOL efforts and interest.

Review of minutes of Nov. 20 , 2013: Debby Powers moved to accept the minutes as amended, second by Trustee Kristin McAuliffe. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Reports Nov. and Dec 2013: Checking acct. balance Nov30, 2013 was - $ 39395.31; Dec. 31, 2013 was - $72,076.64. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented by Kristen McAuliffe. Second by George Brendler. Motion passed.
Director's Report –written handouts
Story Time program is very successful. Slots are filled through May, 2014.
Observational Drawing conducted by Grace Potthast was successful. The report required to fulfill grant requirement is yet to be completed by the Director.
Board discussed that computer maintenance needs to be expanded and more formalized as prompted by Director’s report.

Discussion was held in executive session regarding substitutes for the director.

Action: Director will submit completed Observational Drawing report as required for grant requirement. (pending)
Correspondence: None

Unfinished business
Book signings – Glen Persoll, no update.
George Brendler will check into the cleaning staff activities.
Kristin McAuliffe - Common CORE efforts of CCRS. Ongoing no update. Target date is mid February.

New business
Additional computer support was discussed. George Brendler will pursue perhaps more formalized arrangements with John for his services. Board also recognized that digitalization of it records must be kept up to the level of current technology, accessible and secure.
Hiring Policy was discussed and considered for revision. Board acknowledged the need that the library’s current situation requires submission of resumes for staff, establishment of an interview process and substitute list. Further discussion was held in executive session.
Board received the Director’s list of daily, monthly activities.

Sweet Adelines singing group performance for the summer 2014 was approved by the Board. Other possibilities for the year were Speedy Arnold and RSVP Band.

Committee Reports
Collection Development – on-going. Suggestion was made of posting a periodic book review to keep the public better informed of our new holdings.
Policy – Several portions of the Trustees’ Handbook were distributed by George Brendler for discussion and updating, to insert into the Trustees’ Handbook once completed: Table of Contents, updated Staff, Trustee and Story Time contact lists, Year at a Glance, Public Use of Facilities, Librarian Job Description, Salary Benefits Time Policy, Activities for Director.
Public Relations – Library web page, and public use of Facebook in conjunction with e-mail to augment exposure of the library to patrons of various age groups was noted.

Legal Affairs – No report
Garden Committee – No report
Maintenance- report submitted
Fund Raising – Deb Powers reported that the Holiday Fund Drive has been very successful and tally will be given next month.
  • Matt Moore is undertaking fund raising for the Public Library as his senior project at CCRS(Chazy Central Rural School). A book sale will be held Feb 8, 2014.
  • Lee and Kay Kern made a donation of $500.00.
  • Motion made by George to donate $200.00 towards CEFDA system for e-book program Seconded by Tina. Approved by board.
  • Board has received notification of inclusion of the Chazy Public Library in the personal will of Jean Marleau
Family programs – Common Core effort for assisting CCRS is ongoing.

Executive Session

Board entered into executive session to discuss personnel matters and handling of substitutes for staff. Tina Trombly, as board president, was charged with actions. Motion was made to end executive session by George Brendler and seconded by Deb Powers.
January draft minutes motions were reviewed.

Meeting adjourned at 07:26 pm
Next meeting February 26, 2014 05:30. Chazy Public Library Board Room

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Meehan