Monday, March 10, 2014


     CPL Trustees Meeting (unaccepted)

Present; G. Brendler, D. Powers, K, McAuliffe, T. Trombly, R. McAuliffe, F. Fairchild. Excused J. Meehan.
TREASURER'S REPORT: D. Powers presented the annual budget proposal of $37,500.00.
G. Brendler (motion), K. McAuliffe (seconded), to accept the annual budget proposal. J. Meehan expressed his concerns about a budget increase, motion passed.
D. Powers presented January report, G. Brendler (motion) and K. McAuliffe (seconded) to accept, motion passed. Jan. ending balance is $67468.78, Money market $29675.41, motion passed.
POLICY REVISIONS: Hiring: Public Space: Salary/Benefit Time off, G. Brendler (motion), D. Powers (seconded) to accept the policy revisions that George presented, motion passed
K. McAuliffe reported on her progress on the Common Core reading materials. She is working with Karen Pepper. They are reviewing suggested lists and checking our collection to make suggestions on what we might need to purchase to enhance the collection. Kristen also suggested we buy a small wooden doll house to have in the children’s area. Debby will get one. Kristen had to leave early.
FRIENDS REPORT: R. McAuliffe told us that the Friends are planning a March meeting, date not yet set.
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: G. Brendler (motion) and D. Powers (seconded) to accept minutes with corrections, motion passed.
DIRECTOR'S REPORT: Francie submitted her report, copy attached. Francie is working on getting The Story Crafters for a July 9th presentation. Cost will be $425.00.
She is working on the annual report, G. Brendler (motion) and D. Powers (seconded) that we approve the annual report, motion passed.
CORRESPONDENCE: Chazy Music Theater sent a request for placing advertising in the program. We agreed to buying ad space and George will take care of it.
COMMITTEE REPORTS: PR, George and Kristen are working on adding lists of new acquisitions and book reviews.
Maintenance, shades added in the children’s room, chess table to be repaired, book drop has been returned and the old chairs need to be glued.
OLD BUSINESS: George compiled a staff contact sheet and has filed resumes of subs and cleaning staff.
Housekeeping is putting in more hours. After books are out of community room this room should be cleaned.
Plaque for Garden shed ordered and Andrew West will pay for it.
Book Sale netted $280.00. Left over books will be brought to Malone by Tina and Jim.
Directors’ Handbook; we urged Francie to keep working on this, possible intern could assist her with this project,
Public events, G. Brendler (motion) and D. Powers (seconded) that we, the trustees, set aside $1000.00 for musical/artistic events for the general public, motion passed.
Technology; George recommended that we try to replace/upgrade computers each year.
George expressed concern with keeping large amounts of petty cash on hand. Francie will give amounts greater than $20.00 to Debby for deposit.
Cleaning supplies need to be purchased, Debby will take care of this.
Review of motions
Adjourned at 6:53.
Next meeting 3/26 at 5:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Tina Trombly