Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 25, 2013 Trustees Meeting Minutes


Septemer 25, 2013

Trustees of the Chazy Public Library

Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 5:07p.m. by President Tina Trombly. Present were Trustees; George Brendler , Debby Powers, Kristin McAuliffe, Jim Meehan Also present was Library Director Francie Fairchild. Friend’s of the Library (FOL) members; Rae McAuliffe and Pat McMannus, and Betsy Brooks of Clinton, Essex and Franklin (CEF) Library System were attending

Public Forum.

As regards the Friend’s of the Library: Rae reviewed the FOL monthly meeting topics included the Christmas Tea, which will be organized by Trudy Burger.

Betsy Brooks in her role as Automation Librabian at CEF discussed how those efforts are used and complement those of the independent communtiy libraries. She mentioned; the CEF survey results, CEF training for librarians, CEF public relation efforts, they recommend inventorying library assets, and encourage the cultivation of libraries as information centers and not only a location for physical collections, and emphasis of this to the public. Betsy was very complimentary of the Chazy Public Library facility

Review of minutes of July 24 , 2013: George Brendler moved to accept the minutes as read, second by Trustee Powers. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Checking acct. balance June 30, 2013 was - $51,536.54; July 31, 2013 was - $48,042.62. Motion by to accept the treasurer’s report as presented by Jim Meehan. Second by Trustee Kristin McAuliffe. Motion passed.

Director's Report

Director’s Monthly Report not yet submitted. Items mentioned were; library visitors with a connection to items on display and the recognition of appreciation by these visitors. Director has not yet completed the log of daily/weekly activities which would be used in the director's absence Action Director will submit report (pending), log (pending).



Unfinished business

Kristin –efforts for childrens' activites such Storytime are well received with individuals volunteering to conduct a session.

Hometown Cable has been very good to video Library events. To recognize our appreciation George Brendler made a motion to donate to help with Hometown Cable expenses. Jim Meehan seconded the motion. Motion passed. $200.00 was approved.

Inventory of Library contents was tabled until spring 2014.

Music program – Mr. Frank Langr of CCRS will plan a concert for spring, Martha Gallagher is tentatively to be scheduled for April, with our contribution of $150.00 to the concert.

New business

Kristin McAuliffe volunteered to act a liaison to CCRS for enhancing the effectiveness of our library’s efforts to assist in providing services of value to the CCSR students and staff, such as the summer reading list, which was not secured this previous summer and Common CORE reading lists.

Kristin McAuliffe brought to the Board’s attention the possibility of working with early child intervention programs in our area to facilitate early screening of children prior to entering the public school system by offering the library as a location for a preliminary screening by organizations that provide these services. The Board was unanimous in its agreement that this could be of value to pursue.

Garden shed progress is significant. The concrete is in place with donations of fees, service or supplies by: Jim West Construction, Deso Concrete, Chazy Hardware. Work continues. A plaque recognizing the generosity of these efforts is planned.

Brief discussion of the need for more head phones took place no decision made,

Committee Reports

Collection Development –Kern collection was discussed.

Policy – No report

Public Relations – No report

Legal Affairs – No report

Garden Committee – Joann Trombly will be conducting a fall session, date to be determined

Maintenance- George Brendler briefly reviewed the ongoing effort and expenses. Friends of Library will provide funds to purchase the runner for the Public Library. Board decided to not pursue alternatives to the current electric utility provider.

Fund Raising – Christmas gift request for donations will be pursued. Betsy Brooks stated that CEF could assist with providing labels

Review of September minutes for motions

Next meeting October 30, 2013 New start time 05:30. Chazy Public Libary Board Room

Motion to adjourn by George Brendler, 2nd by Jim Meehan. Approved. Meeting adjourned at 06:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Meehan