Tuesday, November 5, 2013


CPL Trustee’s Meeting


Attendance; G. Brendler, K. McAulife, D. Powers, T. Trombly, E. Castine, F. Fairchild. J. Meehan was excused.

Meeting called to order at 5:35 and went into executive session; discussion on pay rates for the director and substitutes. D. Powers will work up some numbers so the board will be able to make some decisions. Came out of executive session at 5:50.

K. McAuliffe reported that she is working with the school and the library intern and getting information on the common core programs. She needed to leave early.

Minutes: reviewed and G. Brendler made the motion to approve with corrections, D. Powers-second. All in favor.

Treasurers Report: D. Powers presented her report and the project report. G. Brendler, motion to accept, T. Trombly, seconded. All in favor. G. Brendler, motion to finish the garden shed with the library funds. Funds to be replaced by the CCRS student, Matt Moore, fund raising project. D. Powers, seconded. All in favor.

Director’s Report: Francie continues to work on her job duties log. She told the members that the housekeeping person has been out and unable to clean. She has not been paid. She wants to continue working here but we need to make sure she is working; otherwise we may have to make some changes. Rini Green has not been paid for her work on the computer class. D. Powers will send her the $100.00 we agreed upon. Martha Gallagher will perform here on 4/27/13, if she receives the grant she applied for. Drawing class and Master Gardener classes have gone well.

Correspondence: T. Trombly sent a sympathy card to R. McAuliffe. E-mails received from CEF. Francie received a nice note from Judy and Jane, who enjoyed their recent visit to the library.

Committee: E. Castine reported she continues to purchase books and D. Powers is keeping up with adding them to our system. G. Brendler is working on the computer policy, Facebook continues to grow. T. Trombly said the last garden program was well attended. Joann will work with Francie to plan for next year. T. Trombly will work with D. Powers to get the Holiday letters out.

Old Business: Carpet runners have not been purchased. T. Trombly will e-mail R. McAullife to find out if the Friends need help with this. C. Clark art exhibit is tabled for now. Francie has reached out to Glenn Pearsall to do a book reading or signing. Inventory is tabled till spring. Possible music programs for the spring and summer are RSVP Band, CCRS students, and Speedy Arnold.

New Business: Self-evaluation forms have been forwarded but we will wait till the next meeting to collect and collate.

Director evaluation forms need to be filled out prior to her evaluation. Trombly will meet with Francie to do her evaluation.

All disposable wipes will be taken out of our public spaces.

Director’s hours to be shortened on Tuesdays and Thursdays. D. Powers will speak with prospective substitute to find out when she can begin and what time she can be here on those days?

Review of the motions.

Next meeting; 11/20/13 at 5:30.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Tina Trombly, president