Friday, July 26, 2013


Minutes for the 7/24/13 CPL Trustees Meeting

Present: Tina Trombly, G. Brendler, D. Powers, F. Fairchild (Director), R. McAuliffe (Friends’ President)

P. McMannis, E. Castine.

Excused: J. Meehan and K. McAuliffe.

Meeting called to order by President T. Trombly at 5:02 p.m.

Public Forum:

Rae reported that the Friends will sell lottery tickets and hold the drawing on 9/11/13, at their fall meeting. Town wide yard sale is set for this weekend, 7/27/13.

Emily reported that the CEF Board will meet in our community room on 8/26/13 at 4:30. They would like a tour of our library. Board members are encouraged to attend. Board members will provide refreshments.

Review of Minutes: George made the motion to accept the minutes with spelling corrections, Debby seconded. Tina will make the corrections and George will post on our website. All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: George made the motion to accept the report as presented. Tina seconded. Passed. Beginning balance of $53571.71, ending as of 6/30/13 was $49250.33.

Director’s Report:

There was discussion about displaying local artist’s works. We were all in agreement that this should be encouraged. The artist needs to be aware of our policies and that we are not responsible for their pieces. We will not sell their product. Francie requested that I contact Lorna Earl to set up another book reading/signing. I will call her. Holly Middleton is not interested in doing a book signing. New patrons continue to come in and ask for library cards. The Quilters group sent us a thank you for the use of the community room. Summer Reading program/Reading Camp/Story Crafters have been a success. Her complete report will be attached.

Unfinished Business:

The magazine racks have arrived and have been installed; this should help clear up the clutter in the reading area. We may need to buy some pamphlet holders, the ones we have are full. Carpet runners still need to be purchased.

Gazebo dedication is set for 8/24/13 at 6:00. It will be a small gathering. The board will provide refreshments. We may have a musical group play, this has not set. George mentioned that the performer at the Story Crafters, Punk-a-Hontas, was very fun. George asked me to contact Diane Sabourin as a contact to talk with the group. Andrew West’s group was also interested.

Computer earphones have been purchased.

New Business:

Kristen sent the board an update of her progress in her recruiting of community members to help with the children and family library activities. Her report will be attached.

Policy changes concerning the use of the community room; we will add that private groups are asked to give a donation to the library for the use of the room. Persons using the space will be aware of our policies. Debby asked about the insurance coverage for this purpose. George will check with our agent.

Emily Castine reported that she keeps ordering books to enhance our collection, as money allows. Debby stated that many of the titles are original and not in the CEF system. Thank you Emily for your commitment to the library.

The garden workshop for July was cancelled. Joann is planning for August, September and October. Francie told us there will be a story hour on Saturday, 7/27/13 about worms. Rita Ward-Slatter donated a carload of perennials and I planted them on Sunday. I will give her a thank you card when I return her pots. George told us the Higgins will mow our lawn and they weed the gardens. They have been a great help. I mentioned giving them a tax form to help with gas and other expenses they incur for the library. The girl scouts planted around the flag pole and the front garden. They did a great job. George waters when it is not raining.

Review of motions

Motion to adjourn at 5:55 by George. Next meeting will be 9/25/13 at 5:00.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tina Trombly