Friday, July 26, 2013



June 26, 2013

Trustees of the Chazy Public Library

Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 5:04 pm by President Tina Trombly. Present were Trustees; George Brendler, Debby Powers, Kristen McAuliffe, Jim Meehan, also present was Library Director Francie Fairchild and Friends’ of the Library members; Rae McAuliffe and Claire Papin.

Public Forum.

As regards the Friends of the Library: Rae McAuliffe stated that there would be no

book sale this year as a fund raiser. Lottery tickets will be sold. The drawing will be at the Friends’ meeting on Sept. 11, 2013

The Friends continue to foster mutually beneficial relations and supporting events with the Chazy Public Library.

Review of minutes of January 23, 2013: George Brendler moved to accept the minutes as read, second by Trustee Powers. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Motion by to accept the treasurer’s report as presented by Kristen McAuliffe. Second by Trustee George Brendler Motion passed. Beginning checking act. balance was -- $58631.88. Ending checking balance was - $53,573.71

Director's Report

Monthly Report not yet submitted. Items mentioned were: Adult computer skills class, Internet links for Trustees, Gardening classes, Story time. Action Director will submit report (pending).


Note of appreciation was sent to Jeff and Mary Higgins.

Unfinished business

Flag pole and light installation completed.

Book signings – have gone well and intentions are to continue these activities.

Gazebo light (donated by the Higgins) was installed, landscaping will continue as intended with landscaping of other areas of the library grounds. The gazebo plaque was viewed by the board. Details of the dedication will be decided at the July meeting, tentatively Aug. 24, 2013.

Library website has been updated

New business

Kristen – will head an effort for children's activities such as Story Time and offer assistance to individuals that may be interested in participating and organizing an event to bring in the community.

Director Fairchild was asked to obtain a CCRS summer reading list and check for in-house titles to facilitate the CCRS students efforts to complete these activities and demonstrate the benefit of the Chazy Public Library. (Action – Director)

George referred board members to the Year at a Glance of the past year and the Directors objectives.

The board agreed to purchase large head phones.

After discussion regarding a financial audit a motion was made by George Brendler to forgo an audit. Kristen McAuliffe seconded the motion. Passed unanimously by the board.

Committee Reports

Collection Development –Additions have continued to made to the book collection (ongoing) .

Policy Committee – No report

Public Relations – No report

Legal Affairs – No report

Garden Committee – Volunteers encouraged. Reagan West will be contacted to explore if the girls scouts would like to have this as an activity (Action- Deb Powers)

Fund Raising – No report

Review of June minutes for motions

Next meeting July 24, 2013 Chazy Public Library Board Room. Trustee Trombly will not be able to attend

Motion to adjourn by George Brendler, 2nd by Jim Meehan. Approved. Meeting adjourned at 05:52 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Meehan