Thursday, July 7, 2011


Minutes of Chazy Public Library Trustees’ Meeting

Chazy Town Hall at 5 PM


Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by President Emily Castine. Present were Trustees George Brendler, Debby Powers, Tina Trombly and Angela Swan. Also present were Francie Fairchild, Library Director and Caroline Harding, president of the Friends of the Chazy Library.

Public Forum

Review of Minutes of Meeting on 04/27/2011

Motion by Trustee Powers to accept the minutes as read, second by Trustee Brendler. Passed.

Treasurer's Report – Trustee Powers

Motion by Trustee Swan to approve the April general fund report. Second by Trustee Brendler. Passed. Beginning balance was $18,551.76, ending balance $17,039.47

Motion by Trustee Swan to accept the April renovation fund report. Second by Trustee Brendler. Passed. Beginning balance was $7163.22, ending balance was $6,222.49. Grant for $79,205 coming soon, in two installments of 60% followed by 40%.

Reserve balance: $50,664.29

Director's Report - Francie Fairchild, Library Director

1. Alex Mesick and Emma Garceau will be helping Diane Sabourin with the summer reading program in an effort to earn their Girl Scout Silver Badge.

2. Summer Reading Camp – Tuesday, July 12 to Thursday, July 14, 9-noon. Call library for details.

3. Annual report is finished.

Special Reports: Friends of the Library – Carolyn Harding, President

  1. Annual membership meeting was held Saturday, May 14 at 12:00 at the Town Hall catered by the new Orchard Side Cafe.
  2. New bylaws have been adopted.

3. Bake sale will be held at Old Home Day. Town wide yard sales same weekend. Possible cake walk as additional fundraiser. Trustee Swan will help.


  1. We received a letter from Congresswoman Janet Duprey congratulating us on having been awarded the matching grant we requested. $79,205 will be coming soon, in two installments.
  2. Letter from NYLA announcing the $14 million construction grant program for next year.

Old Business

  1. Motion by Trustee Brendler to accept the Annual Report as presented. Second by Trustee Trombly, Passed. Report has been submitted to New York State and is available for viewing upon request.
  2. CEF Workshop on Modern Media May 3, by Jesse Feiler was very informative. Trustees Castine, Brendler and Swan attended. Trustee Swan will be working on our new facebook page.
  3. Motion by Trustee Swan to accept the procurement policy as amended. Second by Trustee Powers. Passed.
  4. Trustees Castine, Trombly and Powers met with David Martin, Chair of Clark House committee, on Saturday, April 30 to discuss possible acceptance of certain Clark artifacts for display in the new library. Committee has reviewed the list of available items and requests a viewing before making a decision.
  5. ADA workshop will be held Monday, June 20 9:30-noon at CEFLS in Plattsburgh. RSVP by June 10.

New Business

  1. Trustee Brendler was re-elected to the library board on May 17. Oath of Office is on file. Term expires May 2016.
  2. Library Budget passed. $35,000 for the coming year. 192 “Yes,” 90 “No.”
  3. Discussion of bill from Curtis Lumber for bifold doors.
  4. Trustee Trombly suggested we participate in NYLA Partnering with the Donor pilot project to create a one-stop donation portal for NYS libraries. Consensus to proceed with the project.
  5. Workshop at CEFLS, 9:30 to noon on Friday, June 24: “Preparing an Annual Report to Your Community” and “Community Analysis using Business Decision.” Trustee Brendler will attend.
  6. President’s Report was made by Trustee Castine.
  7. Motion by Trustee Brendler to extend the current slate of officers for a second one-year term. Second by Trustee Powers. Passed. 2011-2012 slate of officers reads as follows:

President: Emily Castine

Vice President: Tina Trombly

Secretary: Angela Swan

Treasurer: Debby Powers

  1. Selection of Bank and Insurance Company: TD Bank and Latremore (NBT) will continue to provide these services.
  2. Conflict of Interest forms: updated and filed
  3. President Castine re-appointed all standing committees without changes, as follows:

On-Site Construction: George Brendler

Fund-raising: Tina Trombly and Angela Swan

Legal Aspects: Angela Swan

Furnishings: Emily Castine, Debby Powers, Tina Trombly and

Jim Bennett (consultant)

Project Manager’s Report

Fund-raising Team – Trustee Trombly and Trustee Swan

Theme for 2011 at Old Home Day booth will be “Nostalgia” featuring an old-time candy store with vintage games and contests on the half hour. Other fundraising will include a “Pocket Change Drive” at local businesses throughout the summer.

Grants Team – Trustee Castine

Official notification of grant award has been received. No check yet.

Work has begun on 2011 matching grant application, due October 1. Discussion of wish list for Phase II line items.

Legal Aspects Team – Trustee Swan

Stillresearching proper disposal of Hubbell Bldg. Will contact Steve Englehardt from Adirondack Architectural Heritage for his input on the topic.

On-site Construction Team – Trustee Brendler

Reports attached.

Discussion of estimate for Phase II, lower floor community room. Trustee Powers, Treasurer, emphasized the current lack of funds for even the smallest project pending receipt of grant money.

Furnishings Committee-Trustee Castine

  1. Stained Glass report – No report
  2. Shelving – no solid estimates have been received to date.
  3. Committee met May 12. Report attached. 
Motion to Adjourn by Trustee Trombly at 8:00

Next meeting: June 22 at 5:30 p.m., Town Hall, Chazy

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Swan