Friday, June 24, 2011


Minutes of Chazy Public Library Trustees’ Meeting

Chazy Town Hall at 5 PM

Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by President Emily Castine. Present were Trustees George Brendler, Debby Powers, Tina Trombly and Angela Swan. Also present were Francie Fairchild, Library Director and Caroline Harding, president of the Friends of the Chazy Library.
Public Forum
Review of Minutes of Meeting on 03/23/2011

Motion by Trustee Brendler to accept the minutes as corrected, second by Trustee Powers. Passed.

Review of Minutes of Special Meeting on 3/25/2011

Motion by Trustee Trombly to accept the minutes as corrected. Second by Trustee Powers. Passed.
Treasurer's Report – Trustee Powers

Motion by Trustee Swan to approve the March general fund report. Second by Trustee Brendler. Passed.

Motion by Trustee Trombly to accept the March renovation fund report. Second by Trustee Brendler. Passed.
Director's Report - Francie Fairchild, Library Director

1. Francie received a proposal for promotional magnets for new library. General consensus was to wait for new library opening before ordering such items.

2. Trustees are encouraged to participate in ALA virtual legislative day May 3.

Special Reports: Friends of the Library – Carolyn Harding, President

  1. Annual membership meeting Saturday, May 14at 12:00 at the Town Hall catered by the new Orchard Side Cafe. New members welcome.
  2. Old bylaws have been located. New bylaws are finished and will be voted on at the next meeting. Copies have been distributed for review by officers and trustees.
  3. $5,000 donation has been sent for the new library project. Thank you to the Friends for their generous support.


  1. Letter from David Martin, Chairman of The Clark House Committee regarding certain artifacts which may be appropriate for preservation and display in the new library. Committee will meet with him on Saturday at 1:00.
  2. We received an unsolicited donation of $2,000 from the Chazy-West Chazy Development Association, a welcome surprise. Thank you will go out immediately.
  3. Revised ADA regulations – e-mail regarding upcoming workshop and new compliance concerns.
Old Business

  1. Review of annual report: No action. Report is still in process at CEF.
  2. CEF Workshop on Modern Media May 3, to be led by Jesse Feiler. Trustees Castine, Brendler and Swan will attend.
  3. President Castine contacted Frank Langr regarding his offer to perform with his musical group, After 5 Brass, at our Grand Opening. He was hoping for a firm date, but will keep the offer open subject to the group’s availability.
  4. Trustee Institute scheduled for April 29 and 30 in Albany. Trustees are encouraged to attend at least one of these during their tenure.
  5. Trustee Brendler will be on the ballot for re-election to the library board this May 17.

Library Budget will also be on the ballot.
New Business

  1. Procurement Policy: Presented by Trustee Brendler for 30-day review. Vote scheduled for May.
  2. Long Range Plan: Motion by Trustee Trombly to accept the Long Range plan as corrected. Second by Trustee Brendler. Passed.
  3. Fiscal year meeting schedule: Motion to accept FY2011-12 Calendar of Meeting Dates for the Chazy Public Library Trustees. Second by Trustee Swan. Passed. Meeting dates are as follows: June 22, July 27, August 24, September 28, October 26, November 30, of 2011 and January 25, February 22, March 28, April 25. Please note new meeting time of 5:30 p.m.
Project Manager’s Report

Fund-raising Team – Trustee Trombly and Trustee Swan

Theme for 2011 Book ‘Em fundraiser at Old Home Day will be Casino. New committee member is Joann Trombly. Next meeting May 16 at the Hubbell building.

Grants Team – Trustee Castine

No funds have been received to date.

Work has begun on 2011 matching grant application, due in September

Legal Aspects Team – Trustee Swan

Plans should be made soon for disposal of Hubbell building this fall. Trustee Swan expressed concerns over historic preservation of the building.

On-site Construction Team – Trustee Brendler

Reports attached.

Discussion of estimate for Phase II, lower floor community room. Trustee Powers, Treasurer, emphasized the current lack of funds for even the smallest project pending receipt of grant money.

Furnishings Committee-Trustee Castine

  1. Review of carpet and tile estimates: Motion to accept revised bid by Marty’s Carpet for tile and carpet by Trustee Trombly, Second by Trustee Brendler, Passed.
  2. Stained Glass report – No report
  3. Shelving – estimates are pending  
Motion to Adjourn by Angela at 7:30
Next meeting: May 25 at 5:30 p.m., Town Hall, Chazy
Respectfully submitted,

Angela Swan