Thursday, November 19, 2015


October 28, 2015

Trustees of the Chazy Public Library
Roll Call and Introductions:  The meeting was called to order at 5:32pm by George Brendler (President). Present were Trustees: George Brendler, Debby Powers, Jill Beeman,   Kristen McAuliffe and Terry Tregan.  Also, attending were Frances Fairchild (Director) and Rae McAuliffe (FOL).

Public Forum
 Friends of the Library Report:
 Fall wagon ride is scheduled for November 6, 6-8pm, high school students will be reading stories and snacks will be served at the library. The Friends will be serving refreshments on Dec 2, at school for the NHS induction.

Review of minutes for Sept 23, 2015:
Motion made by Debby to accept the minutes, seconded by Kristen, motion passed.

Treasurer's Report:
Checking acct balance as of September 30, 2015 is $59942.47.
There is $885.99 in the Kern donation available for book purchases.
Motion made to accept Treasurer's report by Jill, seconded by Terry, motion passed.

Director' Report:
Activities ongoing.
The Director will be taking Wednesday, Nov 25th and Saturday, Nov 28th off for Thanksgiving travel. Kay Kern will be subbing.
Children’s yoga has been scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of each month.
The trustees plan on selling tickets for the quilt raffle at Stewarts Thanksgiving weekend and at Sacred Heart craft fair , November 21.

Still no action on the Early Literacy Asset Analysis, Kristen and Terry will be looking into this. It is our understanding that the deadline for this has passed and no one has asked us for information. The trustees are not sure if we need to put any time into it. We may just do a small survey of our patrons with children’s yoga announcement.

Sympathy card and a book donation were sent to the Director for a family funeral.

Committee Reports:
Collections - Ongoing.

Policies – No activity.

Public Relations/Programs -    
Story time scheduled for Nov 14 and children’s yoga Nov 21.

Property Maintenance

Old Business: 
All-in-one computer has been ordered through CEFLS.
Parking issues with the neighbors seem to be resolved.
Staff door to stairs in the library should be locked at all times.
Debby presented new letterhead with current board member names. George brought up the idea for future discussion that logo on letterhead may need updating.

New Business:
 Jill & Kristen will get together to prepare Director evaluation. This needs to be done by the January meeting.
The annual furnace cleaning has been scheduled for Nov 25.
Debby will be organizing the Holiday letter drive, she will let the other trustees know when they can help her with envelopes.
Board members will decorate the library for the holidays.
We have 5 computers not running.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:35pm.
Next meeting, November 18 at 5:30 .

Respectfully submitted,
Jill Beeman