Thursday, October 25, 2012


Minutes of Meeting

SEPTEMBER 26th, 2012

Chazy Public Libary Trustees

Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order by President George Brendler at 5:30 p.m. Present were Trustees Tina Trombly, Angela Swan and Jim Meehan. Also present was Library Director Francie Fairchild. Trustee Powers was excused.

Public Forum

Friend's ReportPresident Brendler provided the Friends report. The book sale ran smoothly in the new community room and earned $610.00. Emily Castine has culled the leftovers and arranged an ongoing book sale on the community room shelves. Next Friends meeting will be Wednesday, October 10 at 7:00 p.m. in the community room.

Review of minutes of August 22nd, 2012: Motion by Trustee Trombly to accept the minutes as read. Second by Trustee Meehan. Passed.

Treasurer's Reports: Motion by Trustee Swan and second by Trustee Trombly to accept the Renovation Fund report. Beginning balance: $48,384.67, ending balance $26,859.91. Motion by Trustee Swan and second by Trustee Trombly to accept the General Fund report. Beginning balance: $36,835.11. Ending balance: $35,489.23.

Director's Report

Medical reference books have been purchased using the Betty Little grant funds; Francie will follow up with the school on securing artwork for display during the coming holidays; Knitting group has started again; E-books seminar is in the works with Betsy Brooks.

Francie requested clarification on use of the computer(Community) room. Consensus to start booking groups of up to 20. No fee currently applies for use of the facility.

Committee Reports

Policy Committee – Trustee Brendler: Committee will address Facilities Use, Computer use, CEF policy.

Public Relations – Trustee Swan, Battle of Plattsburgh has generously loaned an exhibit for September. Angela will return it soon.

Collection Development - Murphy Civil War collection is wonderful! Consensus to process the collection for active borrowing by patrons.


Anderson Falls Heritage Museum Keeseville ceremony: Trustee Brendler attended.

Alice T. Miner Museum opening new display October 20 at 3:00. Theme: Dr. George Clark. Trustees are encouraged to attend.

Unfinished business

Flag pole: Trustee Brendler will look for the best place to display a U.S. flag using a lighted pole attached to the building.

Flower beds: President Brendler appointed Trustee and Master Gardener Tina Trombly to the new Gardening committee. Master Gardener JoAnn Trombly will assist. They have ordered 100 bulbs for fall planting in the newly cleared beds.

Plaques status – Trustee Brendler: Composite plaque is taking shape; Trustee Brendler suggests adding an Honor Roll of past trustees (librarians) plaque

Audit status – Pam Keable has agreed to do a simple audit of our books.

Bike Rack: Trustee Swan and Director Fairchild urge the immediate purchase of a bike rack so patrons can secure their bikes outside the library. One bike has already been stolen.

New business

CCRS senior projects – Mrs. Brown has a list of our wishes, (shed, benches, gazebo). Students will select choices at end of month

Snow plowing-Motion by Trustee Meehan to pay Jim Trombly $35 per visit to cover our portion of the snowplowing. The neighbors will also contribute separately due to the shared driveway setup.

Computer replacement: President Brendler recommends we start a planned replacement fund for the 9 computers and related printers we now own.

Horizon has been installed on the Board Room computer, providing a quiet place to do bar coding. Trustees are encouraged to learn how to use the system. Francie and her volunteers are having trouble keeping up with all of the donations we have been receiving.

Community Room Use – Quick discussion of capacity and probable uses. See above director’s report.

Project Progress Reports

Fundraising – Trustee Trombly: Quilt raffle will be ongoing until December after which time the Fundraising committee will be dissolved.

Furnishings: Kitchen cabinets have been cleaned, art work has been placed around the library.

Grants – Trustee Brendler will do closeout form in October

Legal Aspects – Trustee Swan: No report.

Project Manager's Report – Project is almost completed. Driveway went over budget by quite a bit, but the result should be a lasting investment. Funds will have to be drawn from the reserve to cover all the finishing touches. Most project-related committees will dissolve next month.

Review of current minutes for motions

Next meeting Oct 24, 2012 Chazy Public Libary Board Room

Adjournment: Motion by Trustee Swan, 7:05

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Swan