Thursday, June 28, 2012



Chazy Public Library at 1329 Fiske Road

May 23, 2012, at 5:30 PM

Roll Call and Introductions: Meeting was called to order by President Castine at 5:30 p.m. Present were Trustees Angela Swan, George Brendler, Tina Trombly and Debby Powers. Also present was Library Director Francie Fairchild and Carolyn Harding, President of the Friends of the Chazy Library. President Castine welcomed newly elected Trustee Jim Meehan to the Board.

Public Forum: None

Review of the Minutes of April 18, 2012: Motion by Trustee Brendler to accept the minutes as corrected. Second by Trustee Powers. Passed

Treasurer’s Report: Motion by Trustee Swan to accept the March revised general fund report as presented. Second by Trustee Trombly. Motion passed. Ending balance: $33,909.24

Motion by Trustee Brendler, second by Trustee Swan to accept the April general fund report as presented. Motion passed. Ending balance: $32,020.70

Motion by Trustee Swan, second by Trustee Trombly to accept the renovation fund report as presented. Motion passed. Ending balance: $4,733.19

Transfer of funds for Phase II Construction: Trustee Powers presented a draft renovation fund report noting the transfer of $15,000.00 from our money market account (savings, beg. balance $50,668.45) to the renovation fund for Phase II construction.

Director's Report: Traffic continues to pick up at the new location, keeping our librarian very busy. Donations totaling $265 were received this month in memory of Pearl Latremore.

Committee Reports:

Online Publicity: Trustee Swan reports that Facebook activity continues to climb. The new furniture donations were posted promptly.

Policies: Special thanks to President Castine for organizing the feedback from all Trustees into a well-organized plan. Motion by Trustee Brendler to accept the Long Range Plan as presented. Second by Trustee Powers. Passed.

Correspondence: None

President's Overview of Year: Emily F. Castine signed off from her term as President and long-term Board member with a very entertaining list of suggestions and advice for us all as we look to our future together as Trustees.

Unfinished Business:

Announcement of CCRS budget vote and elections: Budget passed at $35,000 with little opposition. Jim Meehan won his bid for Trustee’s seat.

Board evaluation forms: The board did a verbal self-evaluation utilizing the questionnaire found in the Trustee’s handbook.

Community flyer: Trustee Castine completed the 2012 Annual Report to the Community and made it available to the public in advance of the elections.

Creative Aging Workshop, “Lifetime Art”, CEF, May 24, 2-4 PM. Francie will attend, along with Trustee Brendler and Trustee Castine.

Parental Reading Group: Attendance has been disappointing, but the program will continue as planned in hopes that local interest will increase over time.

Publicity and thanks for student projects: Devin Poitras completed his senior project, an oak book drop fashioned after our old library. Alex Sweet constructed an inlaid chess table for the children’s room. Both seniors donated their projects to the library. Special thanks to Rodger Bodine and Dan Duffina from WoodWorks for mentoring the projects. Angela sent prompt thank-you notes and posted on facebook.

Work session: the Trustees met on May 3, 2012 to review items on Phase I and 2 and to double-check grant fund status. Trustees Brendler and Powers are working on the final SF10F report, due June 30.

New Business:

Public Use Policy and Community Room is in progress.

2012 Shubert Library Excellence Award application information: Deadline is around the corner for this application. Trustee Castine suggests we apply for it next year as no one in our region has received it lately.

Gilded sign for library’s exterior: Motion by Trustee Trombly to approve the purchase of gilded signage in the style of the Alice T. Miner Museum sign. Second by Trustee Powers. Passed. Cost: $949.00 from Plattsburgh Signs.

Webinar on 2012-2015 Public Construction Grant, June 7, 2012, CEF. We do not anticipate applying for Phase III grant funding.

Other: Jim Meehan has offered to donate an American flag for display outside the library.

Project’s Manager’s Reports:

Fund-raising: Trustee Trombly reports that tickets are now on sale for the $4,000 fundraiser. An alumni mailing will go out again this year and will focus on 1980-recent.

Furnishings: President Castine

Art hanging system: Still in the works.

Computer task chairs have arrived and are working out well Children’s Room – splitting of shelving units is done.

Quilt wall hanging: consensus to drop the idea due to expense.

Circulation Area cabinetry has been completed by Woodworks

Community Room kitchenette – cabinetry (Chazy Hardware) and appliances (Ray’s Appliance, Rouses Point) are finalized.
Technological upgrades: All items have arrived, with a few glitches. John Brendler has been very helpful with assembly and product inspection.

Grants: President Castine

Charles Wood Foundation Grant funds have arrived.

NYS Public Library Construction Grant, Phase II: $40,000 has been approved!

Legal aspects: Trustee Swan reported that the title company for the Hubbell building sale had raised questions about our legal ability to sell the property without a court order or approval by the Board of Regents. Director Francie Fairchild was able to locate documents that clarified our position. Attorney Joseph Cardany will compose a statement for our files of how we were formed and how we fall legally into the non-profit class of organizations without having a 501c 3 IRS designation. We should close on the building by June 1.

On-Site Construction Team: Trustee Brendler

Phase I and Phase II updates: Trustee Brendler presented a list of the final touches to be done this month on Phase I. Phase II community room and driveway contractors are lined up and awaiting the go-ahead from the Board based on fund availability.

Plaque Committee: Trustees Trombly & Powers are working with the donors on wording.

Yearly Organizational Items:

Swearing in of board members: Jim Meehan will do his swearing in before a notary this week and file the form with the town clerk.

Election of officers: Secretary Swan presented a slate of officers. Motion by Trustee Brendler to approve the slate as presented, second by Trustee Trombly. Vote was cast by Secretary Swan. 2012 officers: President George Brendler, Vice President Tina Trombly, Secretary Angela Swan, Treasurer Debby Powers.

Review or select Bank and Insurance Co.: consensus to maintain our current choices, TD Bank in Chazy for banking, NBT Latremore for insurance, and Raymond James for the money market account.

Adopt the upcoming Fiscal Year Meeting Dates: Motion by Trustee Swan, second by Trustee Meehan to accept the meeting schedule as amended. Passed. Trustee Brendler will update the schedule for our records and publish the schedule on the website.

Sign Conflict of Interest forms: Done by all Trustees

New President appoints (re-appoints) Standing Committees: Same as last year

New President appoints Ad Hoc Committees as needed: President Brendler appointed Emily Castine to an Ad Hoc committee for collection development.

Review of the current minutes (for motions)

Next meeting date: June 27, 2012, 5:30 PM

Motion to Adjourn by Trustee Swan at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Swan