Thursday, May 24, 2012



1329 Fiske Road

4/18/12 5:30 PM

1. Roll Call and Introductions: Meeting was called to order by President Castine at 5:50 p.m. after an impromptu toast to her many years of service to the library. Present were Trustees Angela Swan, George Brendler, Tina Trombly and Debby Powers. Also present was Library Director Francie Fairchild

2. Public Forum: None

3. Review of Minutes of Meeting of March 28, 2012: Trustee Brendler made a motion to approve the minutes as amended, second by Trustee Powers. Motion passed.

4. Treasurer's Report: Trustee Trombly made a motion to accept the general fund report as presented. Second by Trustee Swan. Passed. Motion by Trustee Brendler, second by Trustee Swan to accept the renovation fund report as presented. Motion passed.

5. Director’s Report: Annual report has been submitted and is being presented for review tonight. Story hour May 5 by Kristen McAuliffe, who will be starting her Parent Enrichment series next week. Border Patrol computer paperwork has been submitted.

6. Correspondence: CEF Policy Development online learning site is planning to offer courses in various topics. Feedback requested and discussed.

7. Website update: Trustee Brendler reported that the website is up to date and is the home site on all of our public computers.

8. Online Publicity Committee: Trustee Swan reported that we are seeing an upswing in activity on our facebook site. We have 57 “likes” and are seeing some chatter each time we post. News of Emily’s resignation seems to have fed a boost in traffic to the page.

9. President’s Report: Thank you for the surprise gifts and toast. Next meeting will be her final.

10. Old or Unfinished Business:

Annual Report to the Community flyer (in process): Trustees Castine and Brendler will complete this for distribution before the town vote and will be available at the Post Office, Town Hall and Library.

Director’s Job Description: Trustee Powers presented civil service job descriptions and research and determined that the civil service description for “Library Technician” is adequate for our purposes.

Facilities Use Policy (pre-Community Room completion) was presented by Trustee Brendler for consideration. Motion by Trustee Swan to accept the Facilities Use Policy as presented. Second by Trustee Powers. Motion passed.

Lifetime Art presentation (CEF) will occur in Plattsburgh on May 24 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Program will feature artists and offer classes for enrichment.

Long-range plan: Trustee Castine will review our suggestions and report back in May.

Operating Procedures Manual; Director Fairchild is still working on this.

Volunteers Policy (reconsideration of wording): Trustee Swan will re-work the wording regarding Trustee notification when court-ordered community service participants are scheduled to work at the library.

Copies of the budget have been delivered to CCRS for voter consideration.

Director’s evaluation is complete. Copies of older personnel evaluations seem to be missing.

11. New Business:

Clinton County Department of Health has sent guidelines for procedures relating to special events.

CPL’s Annual Report : Motion by Trustee Brendler to accept the Annual Report as presented. Second by Trustee Trombly. Motion passed.

Board Self-Evaluation: Trustee Brendler will send copies of the annual survey to board members to complete for next meeting

12. Project Manager’s Report:

Fund-raising – Committee will meet on Thursday, April 25th to finalize plans for the big-stakes ticket raffle. Letter to alumni was submitted in time to be included in the alumni newsletter. We have one quilt to raffle.

Furnishings – Trustee Castine

Children’s Room – halving of shelving units is set for late April. Trustee Swan contacted the Adirondack Museum for references for quilt framers.

Circulation Area – wall cabinets are still on order

Community Room Kitchenette – Trustees reviewed the kitchenette design as presented by Chazy Hardware. Trustee Brendler made a motion to accept the design. Second by Trustee Powers. Motion passed.

Appliances – Furnishings committee will meet at Ray’s Appliance in Rouses Point to choose appliances.

Reading Room furnishings: The new reading room lamp has arrived and looks great. New task chairs will arrive by the end of the week. Trustee Castine will look at SUNY Plattsburgh’s art hanging system for ideas.

Signage –needed for at least three major areas: Children’s, Reference and Teens

Grants Team –Trustee Castine

Charles Wood Grant status and required report: Trustee Castine reported that the Charles Wood Grant actually came with a matching grant of $10,000, which will be released soon.

Presentation of items listed on the ACT grant to be ordered from Lowe’s: Review of tech upgrades wish list one more time before the order goes out.

Phase I - SF10F – closeout report for Library Construction Grant – Project Manager Brendler is working with Treasurer Powers to complete the form, which is required before we access the final $9,000 currently in escrow with the State pending completion of Phase I.

Legal Aspects Team – Angela Swan anticipates a closing any day on the Hubbell Building.

On-site Construction Team – Trustee Brendler

Phase II - Community Room status: Drywall has been installed and painted and a dehumidifying system installed for the back side of the interior walls.

Phase II - Motion by Trustee Brendler to accept the bid by Roswell Beeman for driveway improvements. Second by Trustee Swan. Motion passed. Cost: $6,221.50. Price does not include sand and extra grading that may be necessary once the project is started.

Plaque Committee – Trustees Trombly & Powers are still working on wording.

13. Review of Current Minutes (for motions and seconds)

14. Next Meeting: May 23, 2012, at 5:30 PM, 1329 Fiske

15. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Trustee Swan at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Swan