Thursday, January 26, 2012


Chazy Public Library Trustees’ Meeting

New Library Site, 1329 Fiske Road, 5:30 PM


1. Roll Call and Introductions: Present were Trustees Emily Castine, George Brendler, Tina Trombly, Debby Powers, Angela Swan and Francie Fairchild, Chazy Library Director

2. Public Forum: None

3. Review of Minutes of Meeting on November 16, 2011

Motion by Trustee Trombly to accept the minutes as corrected. Second by Trustee Powers. Passed.

4. Treasurer's Report

Motion by Trustee Brendler to accept the Draft Renovation Fund report as presented. Second by Trustee Trombly. Passed. We had a beginning balance of $63597.62 and an ending balance of $28,889.33. Trustee Powers presented a listing of anticipated accounts payable for the next few weeks in the amount of $27,100.

Trustee Castine and her husband have given a donation of $500 to be used to purchase embellishments for the library. Consensus to purchase a globe and a new book truck.

5. Director's Report:

No report

6. Correspondence: President Castine penned a timely letter to the editor of the Press Republican crediting CEF for the support it gave us during the grant-writing process. All of the Trustees were credited for signing the letter.

7. President’s Report: No report.

8. On-line Publicity Committee – Trustee Swan. No report.

9. Old or Unfinished Business

Moving plan

Thanks to the Lions Club for their help during the move on Saturday, November 26.

Thanks to Jim Bennett for the beautiful coat rack and three interior signs.

Other signage in library – P-touch machine is working well for labeling book areas.

Grand Opening:

Decorations: Friends group will be decorating starting December 1.

Refreshments: Friends group will provide tea, coffee, sandwiches and pastries in addition to a bake sale and food basket raffle.

Publicity – Local media has provided excellent coverage of the upcoming event.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony: President Castine will offer a few words. Francie, Caroline and George will stand on the entry ramp next to her while Jim Meehan and Rodger Bodine will stand by the ribbon and cut it for the official entrance. All the Trustees will staff the receiving line. Ceremony will begin at 11:45 a.m. and all VIPs will be received prior to the official opening.

VIP invitations: Trustee Swan presented formal invitations that were sent to 25 individuals who have played critical roles in the planning process.

Custodial services for library for 2012: Consensus to enter into a contract with a cleaner for once-a-week duties. Trustees assembled a list of expectations. It was agreed that we should solicit competitive bids and have someone in place as soon as possible. Additionally,Trustees Powers and Trombly will shop for a new vacuum.

10. New Business:

Trustee Brendler suggested we clarify our personnel policy as follows: “Only Board-authorized personnel shall be permitted to service any equipment, perform any maintenance or provide any technical support at the newly expanded Chazy Public Library.” Volunteers may be permitted to perform such tasks, but only with the express permission of the Board. Consensus followed.

11. Project Manager’s Report

Fund-raising Team – Trustee Trombly: Annual Book Fund Drive will proceed. Trustee Swan will chair this committee.

Furnishings – Trustee Castine

Shelving installation is mostly done. Special order pieces will arrive shortly.

Circulation Area –We hope to have the circ desk installed in time for the grand opening.

Children’s Room furnishings have arrived and are set up; book bench has yet to arrive.

Reading Room furniture has been ordered. We will place it after the grand opening, along with the fireplace. Motion by Trustee Swan, second by Trustee Brendler to proceed with the purchase of the electric fireplace model from Lake Champlain Pools.

Computer stations and countertops are functioning.

Stained glass hanging: The stained glass has arrived. President Castine hopes to have it installed for the grand opening.

Exterior book drop and teen game table will be designed and donated as senior projects by two local students.

Grants Team – Trustee Castine presented a check for $10,000 from the Lake Placid Educational Foundation. Money has been earmarked for technical resources in the Phase II Community Room project and must be spent by June 1.

Legal Aspects Team –Trustee Swan met with Joey Trombley of Kavanaugh Realty to review the contract for sale of the Hubbell building. President Castine signed the six-month agreement. Price has been set at $39,900 based on comparable sales in the area. Trustee Swan will research the deed and provide keys to Joey so that the building can be on the market by grand opening day. Motion by Trustee Brendler, second by Trustee Powers to retain Joe Cardany as our lawyer for the transaction. Trustee Swan will follow up.

On-site Construction Team – Trustee Brendler

  1. Still working on purchasing the wireless security system. Will have it installed as soon as possible.
  2. Presentation of keys to make sure everyone has a complete set.
  3. Lock box for firefighters coming in January.
  4. Motion by Trustee Brendler, second by Trustee Trombly to install a proper vent for the furnace at an anticipated cost of $1,000.
  5. Clinton County Highway Department will consider our request for a crosswalk outside the main entrance in the spring.
  6. Consensus to expand the existing sidewalk using pre-fab pavers.

12. Review of Current Minutes (for motions and seconds)

13. Next Meeting: January25, 2011, at 5:30 PM, New Library Site

14. Motion to adjourn by Trustee Swan at 8:00 p.m.