Thursday, January 24, 2013



Chazy Public Libary Trustees' Meeting

Brendler Board Room, 1329 Fiske Road

November 28, 2012

Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order by President George Brendler at 5:30 p.m. Present were Trustees Jim Meehan, Tina Trombly, Debby Powers and Angela Swan. Francie Fairchild, Library Director, was also present.

Public forum: Friend's ReportPresident Brendler gave the Friends report. The Friends will be decorating for and hosting their annual Holiday Open House in the community room on Sunday, December 2, from 11:30 to 2:00. Baked goods are welcome as are donations for the gift basket raffle. All donations must be received by Saturday noon. They have placed a large sign at the corner of Fiske and Route 9 for advertising. The theme will be “A North Country Christmas.”

Review of minutes of October 24, 2012: Motion by Trustee Meehan to accept the minutes as edited. Second by Trustee Powers. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Trustee Trombly moved that we accept the treasurer’s reports as presented. Second by Trustee Meehan. Motion passed. We have closed the renovation fund account, officially ending the renovation project. The general fund had a beginning balance of $35,489.23, ending balance of $34,051.74.

We have been making a lot of book purchases, many using private donations. Trustee Swan asked for clarification on the Kern/Grainger donation. Lee and Kay Kern donated $500 through a triple match program. Grainger then sent $1500 in a separate check for a total of $2,000. Francie will send a thank you note.

Director's ReportWe have opened an Amazon account for book purchases, the e-book down loading class was well-attended and informative, the Betty Little grant funds have finally been spent on science books. No progress on the idea of getting an intern from SUNY Plattsburgh.


Policy Committee – Trustees forum continues with George participating, reminder to update the Trustee handbook in the new year

Public Relations – Angela did an article for the Trailblazer which was well-received. Trustee Brendler handled the website renewal with Matt Smith, who is in the process of updating it. Facebook following is nearing 100. Brief discussion of Adirondack Coast minute YouTube video. Trustee Swan will follow up.

Collection Development – Trustees Powers and Trombly spent many hours this month bar coding new books for the collection and culling the old collection. The Kern donation has been processed with bar coding and name plate recognition.

Legal Affairs – No Report

Garden Committee- No report until spring. Tina donated and planted several shrubs and 100 bulbs. Spring will be beautiful at the library next year.

Fund Raising – Tina and Angela will staff a raffle table at the Open House and draw the winner at 2:30.

Holiday book drive: Trustee Swan will get the letters out this week, before the Open House.


CCRS tax funds received $35,000. Deposit will show on the treasurer’s report next month.


Flag placement decided: Trustee Swan made a motion that we purchase a new flag to be mounted on a permanent pole in the front of the library. Cost will be about $300. Second by Trustee Powers. Motion passed. Project to be completed in the spring.

FS10F Closing report status:Trustees Brendler and Powers will complete the paperwork this week. Final grant payment should be received within the month.

Trustees Honor Roll calligraphy plans: Trustee Brendler is looking at various designs for the new display.

West Bros. Created box enclosure for sump pump, portico metal gate to be done later. The new box can hold the weight of a person.

"Deep Freeze" on public computers status -Jim Lucas and John Brendler are looking at a network system for updating all the computers at once from one main control computer. The system involves an annual contract. John will work on installing it this week.

Computer replacement progress, contact Mike Briscoe: No report.

Book sale continues, new donations will be stored for next year.


Community Room

President Brendler thanked Trustee Powers for selecting and purchasing new stools for the coffee bar in the community room.

People are starting to use the community room for meetings.

President Brendler emphasized the need to pursue new uses and groups.

Received Certificate of Occupancy: Capacity is officially 68.

Plattsburgh. Paving and Beeman's trucking installed a drainage system around parking lot

Board Open House decorating and plans: Laura Shambo of North Country Floral has donated the wreaths for this year. Trustee Swan will send a thank you.

Conference phone status: Trustee Swan purchased a new phone for the circulation area that can be used for conference calling in the community room. It worked well for a recent meeting there.

January collect Sunshine Fund: President Brendler reminded the Trustees to bring $20 each to the next meeting to add to the Sunshine Fund.

January review coming up: Trustees should be prepared to go over the Long Range Plan and do "Evaluating Board Effectiveness"

E-Books: Trustee Trombly moved that we give $100 to CEF for use in building up their e-book collection. Second by Trustee Meehan. Motion passed.

Review of current minutes for motions

Next meeting January 23*, 2013, Chazy Public Libary Board Room

Motion to Adjourn by Trustee Swan, 6.49 p.m.