Thursday, November 29, 2012


Chazy Public Libary Trustees' Meeting

Community Room at the Chazy Public Library

OCTOBER 24, 2012


Roll call and Introductions: The meeting was called to order by President George Brendler at 5:40 p.m. following an informal dedication of the Brendler Board Room by the Trustees in recognition of George’s work as Project Manager during the remodeling of the Clarke building. Present were Trustees Tina Trombly, Debbie Powers and Angela Swan. Jim Meehan was excused. Also present were Francie Fairchild, Library Director, Caroline Harding, Friends President, and Emily Castine, Chairperson for Collection Development.

Public Forum

Friend's Report – Carolyn Harding reported book sale revenue of $630. The fall meeting has been rescheduled for November 7 at 7:00 in the library community room. Plans are in the works for the annual Holiday Tea. The Friends are in the process of moving into their new storage room at the library.

Review of minutes of September 26th, 2012: Trustee Trombly made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Second by Trustee Powers. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Motion by Trustee Trombly to accept the treasurer’s reports as presented. Second by Trustee Swan. Motion passed. Beginning balance in the general fund: $35,489.23, ending balance $34,051.74. Renovation fund beginning balance: $22,654.76, ending balance $1,933.19. The renovation fund will remain open for a few more months until the final grant money arrives.

Director's Report – Miss Potthast brought some life-size mummies for display at the library. They were part of a school art project last year; Volunteers have been bar coding new and donated books and seem to be finally catching up; Trustees expressed disapproval for double booking the community room. The Brendler Board room was not intended for public use. Francie will correct the current situation and refrain from booking groups in the Board Room; Francie will know the dates of the E-book down loading class soon; Francie notified the Board that the CEF newsletter deadline is Friday and it has been a while since Chazy has submitted an article. Trustee Swan will write an article about George, Emily and the completion of the renovation project.

Committee Reports

Policy CommitteeTrustee Brendler encouraged all Trustees to log on to the Trustee Forum on the web. Password is available from him or Betsy at CEF. Community Room policy book is in use and working very well. Thanks to Trustee Powers for assembling it.

Public RelationsTrustee Swan attended a workshop on the legal aspects of social media. Brief discussion of website updates

Collection DevelopmentEmily Castine/Trustee Powers. Murphy Civil War collection has not yet been bar coded, but most of the rest of the books have been processed and are on the shelves.

Legal AffairsNo report.

Garden Committee: Trustee Trombly has planted 100 bulbs in the garden area and donated shrubs from local landscapers.

Fund RaisingQuilt raffle sales have been slow, but should do well at the upcoming Tea. Annual book drive is coming up. Angela will get the letters out as usual.

Unfinished business

Pictures and plaques status – pictures are hung, composite plaque complete, amended charter reframed and hung; Brief discussion of what a Trustees Honor Roll plaque might look like.

Audit statusTrustee Swan moved to table the audit until next summer. Second by Trustee Trombly. Motion passed.

FS10F Closing report statusWill be sent in by early Nov.

West Bros. Installed front side spot lights, kitchen drawer pulls, service room dead bolt

Jim Lucas and John B. hooked up the rest of computer ports in the basement

Flag placement choices: Final decision will be made at the next meeting on a freestanding, lighted flag display.

New business

President Brendler reminds Trustees to check the Year at a Glance every month to see what is due.

Ameriprise generously donated a used laser printer to the library.

CEFLS website – Chazy Public Library picture updated

CCRS senior projects – Michelle LaBombard expressed interest in the bike rack project, to coordinate with Alex Misiaszek as mentor

Computers – more Border computers are available, left message with M. Driscoe; John Brendler, our tech consultant, suggested we keep extras on hand for rotation when the current ones are ready for replacement.

Community Room UseCurrent bookings include the Literacy Volunteers, a weekly knitting group, Sara Gravelle forum and the NENYS Maple Producers Assn.; The book sale is ongoing and continues to bring in money. Excess books have been rotated out for recycling; Friends will serve food for the Tea in the community room this year.

Excess Dr. Clark memorabilia has been turned over to Alice T. Miner museum and five items from the barrister book case were loaned to the museum for their current Clark exhibit.

Furnace cleaned and inspected Oct. 18th

Certificate of Occupancy inspection Oct 23rd . Still no word on official capacity.

Parking lot drainage, upper flower bed drain have been finished.

Long Range plan document review and "Evaluating Board Effectiveness": Both are annual items on the Year at a Glance and are due soon.

Prepare for Director's performance evaluation (Jan.)

Review of current minutes for motions

Next meeting November 28, 2012 Chazy Public Libary Board Room

Motion to Adjourn by Angela Swan at 7:55.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Swan