Thursday, March 29, 2012


Chazy Public Library Trustees’ Meeting

Brendler Room, 1329 Fiske Road, lower level

5:15 PM


1. Roll Call and Introductions: Present were Trustees Emily Castine, George Brendler, Tina Trombly, Debby Powers, Angela Swan, Francie Fairchild, Chazy Library Director, Carolyn Harding, President of the Friends of the Chazy Library and guest Carol Ladd.

2. Public Forum: Carolyn Harding

Emily welcomed Carol Ladd and asked for her to make her presentation. Carol would like to start a community group that knits or crochets. She asked for our permission to hold it at the library. This would be a winter activity. She would like to try it on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 till 8:00 when the library closes. We the board members present agreed to the idea. She will advertise and put up posters. This will be a weekly event until spring.

3. Review of Minutes

Motion by Trustee. Brendler, second by Trustee Trombly to accept the minutes of 1/25/and 2/9/12. Passed.

4. Treasurer's Report

Motion by Trustee Trombly, Second; Trustee Brendler to accept the revised Dec., Jan and Feb. draft of the renovation fund.Discussion and corrections: none. Passed.

Motion by Trustee Brendler, second Trustee Trombly to accept January regular fund balance.

Discussion and corrections: none. Passed.

Trustee Powers showed the group several forms that the state is requiring her to fill out. She is frustrated with the addition of more forms and she has no idea how to fill them out. She asked for help. George suggested she call the finance person at the school, Pat Ayer at the Town, or Angela Swan. She will try.

5. Director's Report:

Francie said Jay Moore is sending her an all-purpose cleaner-free. Trustee Powers warned her that this could be a scam to get her to buy other products. Francie will call him back and tell him we are not interested.

She stated we have $400.00 to spend before September of Gates money.

Motion by Trustee Brendler, Second by Trustee Trombly to proceed with the purchase of a new computer for the circulation desk per John Brendler’s suggestions. Passed.

Motion by Trustee Brendler, second by Trustee Swan to proceed with the purchase of a new public computer. Passed.

6. Correspondence: We received a letter from the town assessor verifying tax exempt status for both properties currently owned by the library.

We also received notification of request for public comment on two new businesses coming to town- a pub and a deli. Trustees are encouraged to attend the next Town Board meeting on Monday at 7:00 p.m.

7. President’s Report: No report.

8. On-line Publicity Committee –Trustee Brendler reported that the website has been updated and now includes recent pictures of the Trustees.

9. Old or Unfinished Business

Kay and Lee Kern have made a donation for the purchase of books that will be triple-matched by a corporation by March 31. Total value of the donation will come to $2,000. The Trustees expressed their appreciation.

Review of closing procedures for library as per Director Fairchild- Trustee Castine emphasized the need for updated procedures for the new building. These should be kept readily available for use by library substitutes.

Building Use policies, including decorations policies, are currently being reviewed by the Building Use committee.

Trustee Brendler’s Snapshot Day pictures were forwarded to CEF and will be utilized.

Custodial Services: Trustee Powers presented sample contracts for use with independent contractors. Trustee Brendler suggested more supervision of the cleaning lady in the first few weeks as we clarify our expectations. Director Fairchild requested clarification of our procedure for refilling cleaning supplies. Trustee Powers will provide refills since she has the credit cards.

10. New Business:

Open Meetings Law: New regulation requires public boards to make available to the public the same documents that board members receive prior to their meetings.

Procedures Guidebook: Trustee Brendler is working on a quick-reference guide book.

Volunteer Policy: Trustee Brendler distributed a draft policy for review. More discussion will follow at the next meeting.

Purchase of Laser Printer through Gates Grant. Discussion yielded a consensus that it was not necessary to purchase one at this time. Discussion of copy fees followed.

Spring Garage Sale: Consensus to cancel plans for an on-site sale in the spring since most of the clutter has already been cleared by Trustees Castine and Brendler.

Library Trustees Association membership dues: Trustee Powers will renew as scheduled.

Review of pending thank-you notes.

11. Project Manager’s Report

Fund-raising Team –

Next meeting March 15 at Trustee Trombly’s house. 2012 fundraising will be geared toward Phase III goals. Trustee Trombly requested an estimate of costs for Phase III construction so the committee can set fundraising goals for the year.

Furnishings – Trustee Castine

Shelving: Dennis Ruddy will return to separate the mobile shelving in the children’s room.

Circulation Area –New countertop has been installed on the wall. Wall cabinets are coming. All other cabinetry odds and ends have been completed.

Children’s Room: Consensus to seek quotes for framing the quilt in the children’s area.

Reading Room: Consensus to order floor lamp presented by Trustee Castine.

Grants Team – Trustee Castine reported a conference call with Mary Todd of NYS DLD on the topic of online filing of grant applications, held February 7, 2012. The process has been simplified a little.

Results of Phase II grant request should be here by mid March.

Reminder: Phase III fundraising will enjoy a 25/75 for 2013.

Legal Aspects Team –Trustee Swan delivered the signed sale agreement and copy of the original deed for the Hubbell building to Kavanaugh Realty. Inspection is in progress, as per our contract.

On-site Construction Team – Trustee Brendler

Ceiling work in the board room is complete. Many thanks to Trustee Brendler for his quick work in having the room prepared for this meeting and for altering the board room table for our use. Thanks also to Joyce Samonek, who donated the elegant chairs we are using tonight. Work is progressing on Phase II construction. Funds, however, are quite limited for the moment.

12. Review of Current Minutes (for motions and seconds)

13. Next Meeting: March 28, 2011, at 5:30 PM in the library board room.

14. Motion to adjourn by Trustee Swan at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Swan