Thursday, December 1, 2011


Chazy Public Library Trustees’ Meeting

New Library Site, 1329 Fiske Road, 5:30 PM


1. Roll Call and Introductions: Present were Trustees Emily Castine, George Brendler, Tina Trombly, Debby Swan, Caroline Harding, (President of the Friends of the Chazy library), and Francie Fairchild, Chazy Library Director

2. Public Forum: Carolyn Harding, president of Friends of the Library,

Grand Opening December 10 from noon to 4:00

Decorating will be done on December 1. Theme will be poinsettias. Real Christmas tree will be displayed.

Flyers will go up this Saturday.

Calling tree has been activated to solicit donations for refreshments, food sale and gift basket raffle.

3. Review of Minutes of Meeting on October 25, 2011

Motion by Trustee Trombly to accept the minutes as corrected. Second by Trustee Brendler. Passed.

4. Treasurer's Report

Motion by Trustee Brendler to accept the General Fund report as presented. Second by Trustee Trombly. Passed. We had a beginning balance of $9283.70 and an ending balance of $66,98.33.

Motion by Trustee Swan to accept the Renovation Fund report as presented. Second by Trustee Brendler. Passed. We had a beginning balance of $63,756.66 and an ending balance of $63597.62

Trustee Powers presented a draft November report for the renovation fund which included all remaining anticipated expenses for Phase One construction. Final report will be presented at the November 30 meeting.

5. Director's Report:

Francie will be ordering magnets with the new library on it for distribution at the grand opening at a cost of $122.00 for 250.

Reference books have been packed, along with most of the upstairs shelves.

Francie requested permission to close early the day before Thanksgiving. Request granted.

Notices have been sent to the newspapers regarding our closing on November 26 for the move.

6. Correspondence: None incoming.

7. President’s Report: No report.

8. On-line Publicity Committee – Trustee Swan. No report.

9. Old or Unfinished Business

Moving plan

The Lions Club has agreed to help move on Saturday, November 26. The plan is to have as much as possible packed ahead of time. Trustees Castine and Powers will meet to discuss layout of book shelves by category. They will be on site with school librarian Karen Pepper on moving day to direct box placement and to begin unpacking.

Packing boxes – Holly Middleton, Stacey Sweet, and others have been pre-packing and dusting the books.

VIP invitations: Trustee Swan will send formal invitations to individuals whom have played critical roles in the planning process. Trustees will send suggested names and addresses to Trustee Swan by tomorrow.

Signage in library; Jim Bennett will be donating signage for the children’s room, circ desk and reference sections. Trustee Castine presented design and color suggestions.

10. New Business

Publicity: North Countryman article (11/11/11); Press-Republican article (11/14/11) Errors will be corrected in forthcoming editions.

Publicity at Grand Opening: North Countryman and Press-Republican will be invited to take pictures of the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Stained glass window in Children’s Room: We have received a memorial donation for the Children’s room. One half of one of the windows will be covered by a stained glass depiction of a scene from a James Herrieot Book. Stained glass work will be done by a local artist.

Room-naming plaques: general discussion

Grand Opening: December 10, 12-4. Music at 1:00. Trustees will be on hand as hosts at reception.

Official Opening of New LibraryMotion by Trustee Trombly, Second by Trustee Powers to hold the ribbon-cutting ceremony on December 10 at 11:45 a.m. Jim Meehan and Rodger Bodine will be invited to do the honors as a reminder of some of our supporters who never lived to see the day that Chazy would have a handicap-accessible library.

Custodial services for library for 2012: Consensus to enter into a contract with a cleaner for once-a-week duties. Francie has someone in mind. Trustee Swan will ask another service for a quote as well.

Preparation of Director’s Performance Evaluation, to be presented in January: Tabled.

Other: Discussion of the pattern of pedestrian traffic at the main entrance. Trustee Swan will contact the county to request a crosswalk after the bridge.

11. Project Manager’s Report

Fund-raising Team – Trustee Trombly

Trustee Swan will chair the holiday book drive again, with a focus on past donors and on the space we now have to fill in the new library.

Furnishings – Trustee Castine

Shelving installation is in progress. Special order pieces will arrive shortly.

Circulation Area cabinetry and Rodger Bodine’s adjusted quote: There was a problem with the oak end caps. Rodger will have to split them in order to make them wide enough to cover the new shelving. This project will add $1,000 to the cost.

Children’s Room furnishings – Trustee Trombly reports that furnishings have been ordered and are starting to arrive.

Reading Room chairs ordered: Upholstery and chair designs have been finalized and ordered. A table will be placed in the main area for meetings and reading.

Computer stations and countertops: Countertops should start arriving Friday. Computer stations will be moved prior to November 26.

Stained glass hanging: Trustee Castine presented several choices selected by our reading room donor. Size was an issue. Trustee Castine will work with the vendor to discuss display options and price.

Art display track system: advice from Tip Top Frames: Decision tabled.

Exterior book drop and teen game table: Both may be designed and donated as Senior Projects by two local students.

Grants Team – Trustee Castine

Charles Wood Foundation Grant and article in Press-Republican

NYS Public Library Construction Grant has been approved by CEF and has advanced to Albany.

Mazda Grant selections were made. Chazy did not receive funding.

Legal Aspects Team Motion by Trustee Brendler, Second by Trustee Trombly to place the Hubbell Building on the market through Kavanaugh Realty under a six-month contract. Passed. Trustee Swan will follow up.

On-site Construction Team – Trustee Brendler

Chazy firefighters suggest we install a lockbox with a key for emergency personnel. If there is ever a fire, the rescuers could access the site much more quickly using the key in the lockbox. Consensus to follow up on the suggestion in the near future.

Motion by Trustee Powers, Second by Trustee Swan to order a wireless security system and have it installed as soon as possible.

Discussion of exterior signage and railings.

Phase II construction has begun on exterior drainage project. Motion by Trustee Swan, second by Trustee Trombly moved to table a motion to order gravel to cover a newly exposed section of the driveway. Estimated cost: $2500.00.

12. Review of Current Minutes (for motions and seconds)

13. Next Meeting: November 30, 2011, at 5:30 PM, New Library Site

14. Motion to adjourn by Trustee Swan at 8:50 p.m.