Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Minutes of the Chazy Public Library Trustee’s Meeting

Town Hall


Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President E.Castine. Present were Trustees G. Brendler, D. Powers, T. Trombly and A.Swan. Also present were F.Fairchild, Library Director and C. Harding, Friends President.

Public Forum

C. Harding reported that the September meeting of the Friends of the Chazy Library was well attended and the tour of the new library went well.

The Friends group wishes to suggest that the Holiday Tea be presented this year in conjunction with the Grand Opening of the new library.

$535.50 was made at the book sale. Children’s titles that were leftover will go to the flood-ravaged Jay Library.

The Friends announced that they will be doing a tribute to their founder, Emeroy Burton, by donating a framed and dated portrait of her for display in the new library.

Yearbook ad: The Friends will be taking out a half-page ad this year in the school yearbook that will feature photos of both the old and new libraries for posterity.

Review of the minutes of meeting on 8/24/11.

Motion by Trustee Powers to approve the August minutes as corrected, second by Trustee Brendler. Motion passed.

Treasurers’ Report – Trustee Powers

Motion by Trustee Brendler to approve the August general fund report. Second by Trustee Trombly. Passed. Beginning balance was $13,348.04, ending balance was $10,220.18

Motion by Trustee Swan to approve the August renovation fund report. Second by Trustee Brendler. Passed. Beginning balance $77,946.81, ending $62,663.89

Motion by Trustee Powers that food costs for recent building fund events like the alumni fund drive and the auction concession be funded initially from the general fund and be reimbursed to the renovation fund from proceeds after the event. Second by Trustee Trombly. Passed.

Director’s Report by Francie Fairchild: Wireless scanner for inventory is not recommended for our use. Request permission to order wired version. Permission granted. Francie will order it. The school will save copy paper boxes for us to use in the move if someone agrees to pick them up periodically. New volunteer Holly Middleton is a welcome addition to the library.

Correspondence: We have received a “Receipt and Release” form from attorneys for the Clark estate acknowledging the items we accepted from them in the amount of $300.

President’s Report- Thank you to each of the Trustees for your continued dedication of time and effort and talents to the library during the busiest time for us in recent memory.

Old Business

    1. Final Phase II estimate by Project Manager George Brendler: Final estimate was presented, with new consideration for the potential for water entry in the lower level, at $81,422.00.
    2. Cost estimates for appliances, sink and cabinetry for Community Room by Trustee Castine: $3850.00
    3. Cost estimates for digital and other equipment for Community Room by Trustee Castine: $2250.35
    4. Artwork donation from Kristin McAuliffe has been gratefully accepted by the Trustees to be added to our rotating collection. We have selected oak frames with ivory matte. A copy of our gifts policy has been sent.

New Business

  1. Food concession at auction to be held October 8-9 at George Clark residence: Trustee Powers will chair this committee. Trustee Swan will submit the permit to the Clinton County Health Department. Trustee Powers will acquire the menu items. Trustee Trombly will coordinate the volunteer list. Hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers will be offered in addition to snacks, muffins, cookies, donuts, apples and beverages.
  2. Consideration of actual move date: Mid November
  3. Decision about the closing of the library during transition days: It is generally agreed that we will need to close for a Saturday to facilitate the move. A Saturday closure will give us four days to move.
  4. Consideration of the Grand Opening: Tentatively planning a December 4 opening, in conjunction with the Friends’ Holiday Tea.
  5. Live music may be available for the grand opening from Frank Langr’s After Five Brass. Trustee Castine will follow up now that we have a solid date.
  6. Carpeting for library entryways: Motion by Trustee Swan, second by Trustee Brendler, to replace outdoor carpeting and handicap access ramp before the auction. Motion passed
  7. Placement of international library sign: Trustee Brendler presented photos of two possible locations for the new signs. Trustees agreed that either side of the road would be acceptable at the intersection of Fiske and Route 9.
  8. President Castine appointed a new committee for Online Public Relations. Trustees Swan and Brendler will serve in this capacity.

Project Managers’ Report

Fund Raising (Trustee Trombly): We are receiving a good response to our alumni mailing. Several donors have used PayPal to send money.

Coin drive has ended. Trustee Swan began picking up jars today. The rest will be picked up this week.

Next big event: Concession stand at the Clark auction.

FurnishingsCirculation area cabinetry will be custom-made by Rodger Bodine, who will be working on it during the month of October. Committee met with him to go over final design features. Countertop color/design is still pending. Shelving should be here within the month and will only take one day to install. Brief discussion of final furnishing selection.

Grant – Emily reported that the Farley/Paulin Library Bill for the 75/25 match has been signed by the Governor at last, but the move will not benefit us until Phase III as it does not take effect until April 2012.

Adirondack Community Trust grant deadline has been met.

NYS Public Library Construction Grant is due 10/19. A special meeting will be called to witness the signing of the final draft by Trustee Castine, date TBA.

Legal Aspects – Brief discussion on 501 c (3) status. We ran into trouble not having one for the ACT grant application. We have investigated the idea before and found that we do not need one for normal operating reasons. Policy was reviewed for our benefit. We were able to use the CEFLS number this time.

On Site Report –Post-hurricane reassessment of basement plans, ADA visit by John Farley, alternate fire door discussion, town sewer work planned, furnace room and supports going up, certificate of occupancy inspections underway, handed out new keys for rear door.

Motion to Adjourn by Trustee Swan at 8:00.

Next Meeting October 26, 2011 at 5:30.

Respectfully Submitted

Angela Swan